Do you feel like your hair has stopped growing, is constantly breaking off or just stays dry despite everything you try? Then read these simple steps to transform your hair into healthy, long locks.

If your like me, you are a girlie who wants to look as good as possible with as little effort as possible… then the following tips are especially for you!
1. Buy a satin pillowcase and use it every night to sleep on it. 
A satin pillowcase has a smooth structure and therefore prevents friction with your hair. Less friction ensures that your hair becomes less greasy or frizzy and prevents tangles in your hair. All this together ultimately ensures less hair damage and healthier hair.
2. Avoid wearing tight hairstyles. 
As fun and trending as it is, try to avoid wearing a tight bun or tail every day that puts a lot of pressure on your hair follicles. When there is too much pressure on the hair follicles too often, hair loss can occur and we don’t want that.
3. Do not wash your hair daily. 
When you wash your hair every day, you not only wash away dirt, but also the protection of your scalp, sebum. Sebum moisturizes your scalp and a healthy scalp ensures healthy hair. Therefore, wash your hair only 1-3 times a week.
4. Use satin rubber bands or large hair clips.
An elastic band can pull on your hair, which can cause hair breakage or even local hair loss. Like the satin pillow, a satin elastic band is smooth and prevents chafing or pulling of the hair. Another good option is to wear a hair clip, with this you still have your hair out of your face but it is not too tight. In addition, wearing a hair clip is completely in. In my opinion, these are the easiest tips to improve the health of your hair. For me these small changes did a lot of good to my hair but it definitely takes a few weeks to start seeing the results. If you want to go all the way with your haircare then be sure to read my next blog where I go into more depth what else you can do for those long, healthy locks of hair.
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