juicy, glossy lips
juicy lips
juicy lips, dark skin
juicy, glossy lips
We all want plump, juicy lips, nowadays people will do anything for that. Including injections, tattooing your lips or use crazy beauty products. Of course you should do what you want and own that decision! But today we are gonna talk about the easy, natural steps to get juicy lips.
Scrub, scrub, scrub
The opposite of juicy lips is dry lips and we don´t want that sis! Get rid of those flaky, dry lips bij scrubbing your lips 1/2 times a week. You can use a special lip scrub but my personal favorite is to use a soft toothbrush. I wet the brush and than scrub my lips for about 20-30 seconds per side. Scrubbing wil take the flakes away and make your lips feel amazingly soft! On top of that it promotes blood circulation wat makes your lips look bigger and more juicyyy.
Just like your skin needs some good hydration ones in a while, so does your lips. Of course everybody is different, so you may need more of less hydration then some body else. My personal favorite is using petroleum jelly, it does the job and is affordable. Of course there are many good products so use your own favorite.
Don´t overuse your favorite lip balm! If your lips get used to it too much then your body will slow down producing it´s own natural oils. I recommend applying it every morning and night for maintenance. When your lips are really dry, for example in the winter you can of course re-apply more often.
Gloss it babe
Of course when your flaky lips are gone and well moisturized you want to boost it´s shine. That´s why I always have my favorite nude colored lipgloss with me. The gloss can enhance the color of your lips and make them glossy what will appear to make them look the juiciest everrr.
Lip liner

If you wanna go all the way and have some extra time in the morning left dan you can apply a natural lip liner underneath your lipgloss. This will make your lips look bigger and you can control the shape of them. But of course this step isn´t necessary.
I hope you liked the tips and are gonna try it out!!