2024 Vision: A Guide to Reflect and set Goals

At the end of the year I always try to reflect on what I have done and felt this year. The big things but also the small ones. I reflect on what went well and what didn’t go so well. From there I try to visualize what I want the new year, 2024, to look like for me.
What helps me to reflect on myself properly is to journal occasionally. I then read it again at a later time so that I can think about it again with a different mindset/emotion, this always gives me new insights.
Another way to reflect is to talk to the people closest to me, my mother, sister, boyfriend or best friend. I discuss with them important events of the past year and how I dealt with them. I always ask their perspective and whether they might have approached it differently. By sharing your stories with others you ensure that you do not create tunnel vision and do not progress further in your own reflection process. It is super important that you trust these people 100% and feel comfortable with them, it must be a non-judge environment. Only then can you create at the right reflection. 
What always helps me is making a top 3 list of my strengths and weaknesses. We often think we know this about ourselves and never write it down, but it can be so empowering to get to know yourself on a deeper level, the good and the bad. The list makes you think carefully about why you are so strong in certain areas, where have I already applied this and when does it come in handy? The same with the weaker points, when do they express themselves the most, can I do something about it? etc.
Now that you have reflected on yourself about the past year, it is time to set new goals.
This is the part where many people go wrong (myself included…). People want a lot and fast! In the fast-paced society we live in now, it is not surprising that people have this desire, but ultimately this often leads to disappointment. That’s why I have the following tips for you so that you can set ambitious but realistic goals.
Start by coming up with 3 main goals for yourself in 3 different areas. For example: health, personal development and work. Your main goal for health can be: I want a healthier lifestyle within 3 months so that I feel fitter. This is a very global goal, what is being healthier for you? What do you have to do for that? To further explore this goal, you create sub-goals. These are smaller, often faster to achieve goals that contribute to achieving the ultimate main goal. For example: I drink 6-8 glasses of water every day. Personally, I would go for a maximum of 5 sub-goals per main goal, but this is of course entirely up to you.
What is very nice about the sub-goals is that you achieve them faster and therefore feel positive and satisfied. This good feeling will encourage you to continue working on the other goals.
Write down all your goals so that you can evaluate them with yourself in the meantime or at the end of the year and reflect on what went well and what went less well. This way you continue to work on your personal development every year and live your best life.
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Don´t forget to be kind to yourself during the proces! Things take time and you are going on your owne paste. Enjoy the ride baby and good luck!