Gisou has become one of the most trendsetting beauty brands and it all started with the “Honey infused hair oil”. I was therefore quickly triggered to try it out since my dry hair could use a boost…

To start with, I love the packaging that the hair oil is sold in, it’s in a light pink box with different flowers on them. The bottle itself also looks very luxurious and looks user-friendly at first glance. It’s a glass bottle with a pipette. 
After the first 3 ingredients, Mirsalehi honey is one of the main ingredients. This honey is comes from the bee garden that has been maintained by the family for generations. Gisou claims the honey will recover your hair to the core, balance the hydration of your hair and give you healthy, strong, soft and shiny hair. It also contains sweet almond oil and coconut oil and I personally think that’s a good addition! This product contains silicone, what can be bad for your hair but these are water soluble what does that mean it will be removed from your hair after a good wash. So nothing to worry about.
How to use 
According to Gisou, you can use the hair oil on wet, towel-dried and completely dry hair. I have tried the hair oil in every possible way. I bought the mini version myself, I let the pipette fill up 1.5/2x and that is what I use in the lengths of my hair. I have medium thick hair which is very dry. Tip: rub the oil well in the palms of your hands so that it is well distributed and then divide it over the lengths of your hair.
Please note, this hair oil has no heat protection so if you use this hair oil before you blow dry I would add some heat protection.
Review time 
The hair oil smells amazing and feels soft in the palm of your hand. The pipette is easy to use but does not reach the bottom of the bottle … so you will have to get the last product out by flipping the bottle up side down. In addition, the oil spreads over the entire bottle and feels slippery but maybe it’s just me, but I haven’t had this quickly with other hair oil bottles. Personally, I don’t like using the hair oil on wet hair before I do my hair blow dry. I did not feel that this resulted in softer, healthier, shinier hair. I also think it is a big disadvantage that there is no heat protection.
I do think this hair oil is amazing as a finisher after I’m done styling my hair and they are fully dry. It definitely makes your hair softer and gives it a nice shine!
This product is quit expensive in comparison with other hair oils but in my opinion worth the price.  The advantage is that they sell different sizes, so you can get the mini one and try it out so that you can judge for yourself whether this is a real must-have for you. I will definitely buy this product again because of the great hydration and shine after styling!


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